CONVOS THAT H.E.A.L. " Healing From Heartbreak"

CONVOS THAT H.E.A.L. (Help, Empower, Affirm, Liberate) is a safe space where brave souls come to participate in candid, solution-focused conversations about the complexities of life to gain practical tools and perspectives to navigate through them. We are walking through processes of healing from heartbreak: Topics We Discussed!

- The difference between healing from and getting over a breakup

- Setting healthy boundaries to heal

- How to process the grief


Find out more about our amazing panelists below!

Name: T'Neisha Turner

From: Maryland

Business: CoachT33 LLC.


IG: @ coachtturner

Bio: CoachT33, is a former professional show basketball player/spokesperson. She most recently became a life coach, who has traveled all over North America promoting positivity and self-love throughout various communities. Her contagious smile and positive energy has helped change the lives of many over the last decade. "If you do not love yourself unconditionally, you cannot expect anyone else to love you any differently!" -CoachT33

Name: Monjama Nyalley

From: Maryland

Business: Listen Up I Got A Story to Tell

IG: @yourssstrulymj

Bio: My name is Monjama Nyalley but best known as MJ. I am a creative who enjoys writing, healing, fashion and all things that make life more beautiful. I consider myself a young African black woman just trying to live in her truths and enjoy her journey while doing it.

Name: Coach Matthew Hayes

From: Virginia



IG: @coachmatthewhayes

Bio: Coach Matthew is your newest friend. He's not the one who will always tell you what you want to hear, but he is the one you know will always have your back when you reach out for help. As an NLP transformational coach, he helps people who are ready to take their lives to the next level to do so and inspires those who are still a little scared to summon the courage within themselves.

Health & Wellness Books:

The Art Of Self Compassion:

One Day My Soul Just Opened Up: 40 Days and 40 Nights Toward Spiritual Strength and Personal Growth: Therapy Sites: Acensions Psychology: Psychology Today: Therapy for Black Girls: Podcasts: Therapy For Black Girls: The Homecoming by Dr.Thema:

Say it out Loud:

Fish Sandwich Heaven:

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