A Scriptural Guide for 2020

I’ve been on this vicious cycle of trusting in my own self and leaning onto my own understanding for most of my life 😫. I’d recognize my potential and take a step of faith one foot at a time, fearful of the possibility of failure.

I’d realize all that God has put in me and moments later doubt myself out putting myself out there, being myself, taking chances and believing in the unseen😔. These habits have ultimately been a disservice to myself and all the lives that are attached to the calling on my life and I personally am no longer interested in this cycle🙅🏾‍♀️.

I constructed a scriptural guide for the start of this new year to meditate on and I hope that anyone who finds themselves relating to this post will find solace in these promises from God. More will be added throughout the year but here are some suggestions for Prayer, Meditation and Memorizing Scripture.

FIRST OF ALL, lemme tell y'all something about biblical scriptures. There are times when I read the bible and I am very much unfazed by it or don't feel like I can relate. But when you are ACTUALLY GOING THROUGH the STRUGGLE and you are in a sincere place of genuinely wanting guidance, scriptures HIT DIFFERENTLY.

When I get that word, right when I need it, I BE LIKE...

There have been many moments that I opened my Bible and have been brought to tears of surprise, comfort, affirmation, conviction, and release. More often than not I find myself amazed at the fact that I could open up a book that is over 2000 years old and I could find my soul looking back at me. For those that already know and for inquiring minds, never underestimate the power of God and the ways God can and will meet you through scripture.

This 2020 Scriptural Guide is here to help us in our time of struggle. As I stated above as a result of no longer resting on my own self-destructive thought patterns and behaviors I have prayerfully constructed a list of scriptures to Pray with, Meditate on and Remember. For those of us that may be struggling to do any of these spiritual practices here are some tips:

I suggest that you choose one scripture to use a day or one scripture to use a week and pay attention to the developments that take place over time.


Prayer is an intimate conversation with God. It is defined as a spiritual communion with God, as in supplication, thanksgiving, adoration, or confession. When using scripture from the guide I suggest you choose a scripture and read it aloud at least 3 times. Each time allowing the words to resonate with you more. Once you read the scripture, express your gratitude to God. Doing this will allow you to assume a posture where you are open to the vulnerability of the moment. Next, ask God for what you need, share what you need to share, confess what you need to confess and be unapologetically honest with yourself with NO JUDGMENT when doing so.


YUP! I SAID IT! In no way shape or form is the Most-High, All-Powerful, All-Knowing, Ever-Present God intimidated by us, our brokenness or our questions. So please, do yourself a graceful favor and be honest with God so that you can get what you need to be sustained.


Meditation is the practice of engaging in a mental exercise (such as concentration on one's breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness (from Dr.Google). I suggest you read and repeat your scripture of choice 3 times as you begin your meditation. Since you talked when you prayed this is your opportunity to listen. You may or may not hear something from God but you will have taken the time to let the word resonate within you and that will not go in vain.


Remember scripture comes from the practice of memorizing scriptures. As I stated before repeating scripture at least 3 times on a continual basis will aid you in memorizing it. There are other steps you can take to memorize such as writing them down repetitiously. Whatever works for you will suffice.

The benefit I have found in memorizing scripture is that it has encouraged me in moments that I have desperately needed it. There are times that I would find myself in situations that are overwhelming, frustrating, disappointing, etc. and scripture would come to mind. While it doesn't necessarily take the temporary feelings away, it let me know that I am not alone in this journey and at some point in time God made it a mission to let us know through scripture.

Well, beautiful people, from one person on a growing, challenging and transformational faith journey to another, I wish you all the best this year. May the light, love, and promises of God keep you, encourage you and strengthen you!

GOD BLESS YOU! #Believer

All Love,

Wasaba SoulQueenWu Sidibay

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